Custom Software Case Studies

To understand the benefits of bespoke software for your business, read about the systems designed by The Logic Studio for these businesses.

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Alliance Go Case Study

Alliance Trucking based in Texas, USA is a trucking services company, supplying and hauling dirt and aggregates. In operation since 1995, it serves commercial customers in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, providing delivery and removal services of all types of construction materials and waste. 

Alliance approached The Logic Studio in 2014 when it decided to update its processes from paper-based to digital, with the aim of streamlining its business operation and lowering costs.

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ApparelSuite Case Study

Leina & Fleur is an Australian boutique women’s clothing company that sells its products online. It has been in operation since 2010 and thanks to government funding has been able to invest in bespoke software built by The Logic Studio and appropriately named ApparelSuite.

Fleur Richardson, the company’s co-owner and managing director, has been closely involved in the development of ApparelSuite and, with The Logic Studio’s Ian Simpson, is constantly finetuning it to ensure it operates seamlessly across all the company’s divisions – purchasing, production, dispatch etc.

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